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Ahmed Abd El-Ghani Metawie

The Chairman of Allied Consultants Ltd, since 1997, He was a Director of Dar Al-Handasah Consultants since 1989 with 25 years of experience. 
Mr. Metawie's experience record includes over 100 projects in 15 countries of the Middle East and Africa.  His project experience lies in a variety of works such as infrastructure and building services, This experience in a variety of design projects, along with his background in supervision and commissioning of works, Mr. Metawie is a recognized code writer and has prepared the Part (2) of the Egyptian and Arab Fire Protection Codes and has shared in the preparation of other parts of these codes.
Mr. Metawie is a lecturer for ASHRAE seminars and continuous technical education courses for Engineers.

Mohammed Ragab
Egypt Branch Manager and Partner

is a shareholder and a partner in Allied Consultants Ltd, 
Mr. Ragab is a Mechanical engineer since 1994. He has successfully contributed to the design of various HVAC, fire-fighting and plumbing systems, and surge analysis for pumping stations and water networks.
Prior to joining Allied Consultants, Mr. Ragab was a Project Engineer in Dar Al Handasah Consultants, where he was significantly involved in several projects including central heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems, plumbing services, domestic water systems and Fire fighting services.

Mostafa Atef
Principal Architect

He has nearly 30 years of professional experience in design, project management and construction administration. He was the Head of the Architectural Department of Dar Al Handasah in Cairo.  
M. Atef was the Project Manager of Beirut International Airport where he showed a remarkable way of managing the different related parties to the project within a short period of time.  His architectural experience has encompassed both large-scale, complex projects as well as simple low-rise buildings.
During his work, M. Atef has acquired a very important international expertise from various projects executed in Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United States of America and Lebanon.

Usama Abd El-Aal
Head of Mechanical Department

Dr. Engineer, Mechanical Department Cairo University, Egypt, 1992.  He is a membership of the Engineering Syndicate, 1978.  Egyptian Society of Engineers. Egyptian Society of Tripology, 1984
Since 2000, Dr. Abdel Aal is the head of Mechanical Dept of Allied Consultants Ltd, Since 1982, Dr. Abdel Aal was a Project Engineer, and then Projects  Manager in Cairo Office For Technical Studies, Egypt, where he was involved in several projects including central cooling, heating, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.

Dr. Abdel Aal has several publications and involvements related to:
-Characteristics of the Heat Liberation in a Cylindrical Water-Cooled Flame Tube, Cairo Egypt,
-Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Temperature Distribution in Brake Block,
-Installation & testing of pipe lines (domestic water, drainage, fire,sewage and A/C),
-Modeling of the thermal cycles in Arc welding, Werkstoffkunde der TH Achen, Germany,
-Experimental and numerical investigation of a large cylindrical oil fired combustor, Cairo, Egypt
-Zum problem der laufflachenverriffelung klotzgebremster Rader, AV- Aachen, Germany,
-Modellierung der klotzbremse, AV-Acachen, Germany,
-Design and modeling of an accelerated cooling technique, Iron and Steel Factories, Cairo-Alex., Egypt,
-Modelling of  heated storage tanks.

Nabil El-Sanhoury
Principal Electrical Engineer

Mr. El Sanhoury has more than 37 years of experience in the project executions of electrical installation.  During his career he worked as a contractor as well as a consultant.  This diversification has a major contribution to Mr. El Sanhoury excellence in the design of electrical works.  This dual experience was gained during more than 3 years of work as a Technical Department Manager for one of the largest Electromechanical contractors and more than 16 years as a consultant for top consulting offices in Egypt.
Mr. El Sanhoury experience covers the project management, design, shop drawings and specification preparation, follow up, value engineering , bid analysis, supervision of construction works and commissioning of the electrical services.

Salah Abdullah El-Aff
Head of control and instrumentation department

Mr. El-Aff responsible of establishing Control and Instrumentation Department of Allied Consultants Ltd.
Control engineer since 1999. He has successfully contributed to the design of various Building Management Systems, specialized control applications, and utilities metering.


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