" The world success and improvement is dependent on proper Engineering and its fast growing and achievement."

We, since 1997, the company established year, are targeting quality while achieving value-for-money keeping in mind Client budget and Environment. The challenge with the design is how to implement high level of techniques adopting reality approaches and give a promise of expectation. We, in Allied, combine the reality of what is with the promise of what shall become. Imaginative and innovative ideas require a sound Engineering foundation. This believe was inherent in our system and was behind the selection of Allied expertise in different disciplines. We continuously researching new techniques, methods and materials and supporting software's. In a nutshell, we may conclude our aim as to "Design for Life", that target maintenance free, environmental friendly and energy efficient buildings. We also have a commitment to continuously expand our company, yet maintain and improve our quality."

Ahmed Abd El-Ghani Metawie