Design and supervision of plumbing systems cover various aspects related to plumbing systems in buildings and facilities.

Allied Consultants expertise is essential in ensuring that plumbing installations are designed, implemented, and maintained properly, meeting both functional and regulatory requirements.

Here are some common elements that fall within Allied scope in this field: 

Plumbing System Design:

Allied consultants will collaborate with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to design plumbing systems for new construction or renovation projects. This includes determining the layout, sizing, and configuration of water supply, drainage, and venting systems based on local, international and building codes, occupancy needs, and plumbing standards.

Fixture and Equipment Selection:

Allied consultants will assist in selecting appropriate fixtures and equipment, such as sinks, toilets, showers, faucets, pumps, and water heaters. They consider factors such as performance, efficiency, durability, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Code Compliance:

Allied consultants are knowledgeable about local and international plumbing codes, regulations, and standards. They ensure that the proposed plumbing system design adheres to all applicable requirements, including proper pipe materials, slope gradients, fixture spacing, backflow prevention, and accessibility standards.

Water Efficiency and Conservation:

Allied consultants will provide guidance on water efficiency and conservation measures. This can include recommendations for efficient fixtures, water reuse systems, rainwater harvesting, and other strategies to minimize water consumption and promote sustainability.

Plumbing System Calculations:

Allied consultants will perform various calculations to determine pipe sizing, water flow rates, pressure requirements, and drainage capacity. These calculations ensure that the plumbing system can meet the demands of the building and provide adequate performance.

Specification Development:

Allied consultants will develop detailed specifications for plumbing materials, equipment, and installation methods based on CSI format. This helps ensure consistency and quality in the selection and installation processes.

Bill of Quantity and Cost Estimation:

Allied will provide detailed bill of quantity for plumbing systems, and upon request, may provide cost estimates for equipment and installation. They can help clients make informed decisions based on budget constraints and long-term cost savings.

Project Management:

Depending on the project, Allied consultants may provide project management services, coordinating with contractors, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders involved in the plumbing system installation.

During the installation:

Allied consultants offer ongoing support and supervision services on the plumbing works to ensure that applicable standards and the installation quality are on the right track. This includes, but not limited to: follow up on all findings (NCR’s, RFI’s …etc.) issued on the project to, or by the contractor under the contract, review and approve materials and shop drawings, provide a Monthly Quality Report meeting the Owner’s requirement, complete any QA/QC Questionnaires or Reports required by the Owner, review the payment issued by the Contractor…etc.

Commissioning and Testing:

After installation, Allied may assist in witness the commissioning of the plumbing systems, ensuring that it operates as intended and meets performance expectations. They may conduct system testing, verification, and provide recommendations for optimization if needed.